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Act at home

At the root of the climate crisis, the fossil industry is no doubt the first responsible. But before remaking the world so as to not have to call on this industry, it is essential to know one’s own impact and start acting at this level. Here are the main actions necessary to reduce to a minimum one’s own carbon footprint :

Home energy

  • I use less heated space
  • I heat my home at 19°C
  • I install solar panels for hot water
  • If I move, I chose a more ecological building
  • If I have to change the heater, I buy the most efficient model
  • I insulate my home


  • I adopt eco-driving
  • When changing car, I choose the most ecological possible model
  • I shop as much as possible on foot, bike or public transport
  • When I take a break for my holidays or leisure time, I also take a break from my car
  • I go to work / school on foot, bike or public transport
  • I give up my individual car
  • I give up flying for tourist purposes for the year ahead


  • I eat meat twice a week at most
  • I eat mostly seasonal and locally grown food


  • I buy less
  • I buy better quality products