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Act collectively


To act at the individual level is an obligatory step to halt the climate drift. But it will not be enough to trigger the necessary reforms. For it to happen, a collective dynamic is needed, which will run through all the usual canals of public life: neighbourhood and associative life, public debate, political engagement.Here are different initiatives in favour of the climate you can join.

Engage in citizen’s energy (Invest)

To join a cooperative or an association that produces renewable energy directly pushes the energy transition. This form of « citizen’s energy », very popular in Germany and Denmark, also exists in France and Switzerland. Its main virtues are to favour energy savings, create low CO2 emitting financial placements and consolidate the social basis of the energy transition.


Support the Divest campaign

A worldwide campaign calls, since 2012, to divest from the 200 world’s largest fossil companies. At the beginning of 2016, almost 500 institutions – universities, churches, philanthropic foundations, municipalities and even a pension fund had already joined it. A spectacular result. This campaign stems from this figure: the proven reserves of the 200 world’s largest fossil companies have a total carbon budget at least three times greater than the budget the world must respect before 2050 in order to not overstep the 2°C increase in temperature border. Beyond that border, the Earth will cease to be hospitable for humans.


Participate in Carbon Conversations

Carbon Conversations Groups offer a supportive group experience that helps people halve their personal carbon footprint. They deal with the difficulties of change by connecting to values, emotions and identity. The groups are based on a psychological understanding of how people change.

Groups of 6-8 members meet with trained facilitators in homes, community centres, workplaces or other venues. The 6 meetings create a non-judgmental atmosphere where people are encouraged to make serious lifestyle changes. The groups offer :

  • space for people to explore what climate change means for themselves, their families and their aspirations
  • permission to share their hopes, doubts and anxieties
  • time to work through the conflicts between intention, social pressure and identity
  • reliable, well-researched information and
  • practical guidance on what will make a difference support in creating a personal plan for change.

The association Les amis de LaRevueDurable is currently working to spread this methode in Switzerland and France.


Join an association

The classic means to join a collective approach is to become member of an association. However, even though the actions of the great associations that work on climate are on the whole well thought, they do not always offer means to engage oneself.